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one-shot things part….idk 


"What are you doing?"  Sam called out. He was currently hanging upside down on the monkey bars with a comic book in hand. He and Mercedes had decided to take the bus and spend a the day downtown. And after running around all day they had finally stopped at a local park. The sky had turned an calming orange hue that announced that sun was about to go down. Because it was getting late there were barely kids. The perfect time to get in some reading.

He had paused from his reading to find Mercedes running around mumbling to herself. With them being best friends for at least 6 years now he had seen his share of strange things but this was close to the strangest.

”Cedes?” He continued to look on at the short girl prancing around. ”Cedes?!” Sam spoke a little louder.

”What?” she answered as she continued with her strange behavior.

”What are you doing?”

”I’m practicing” she said nonchalantly. Her long ,floral, purple blouse twirled in the wind as she spun around.  

”Uhhh, practicing what?” Sam looked confused as he dangled from the bars.

”Practicing being on stage duh!” Sam just rolled his eyes as he went back to reading his comic. Recently she had decided that when she grew up she would be a singer. And if Sam knew that showing her Americas Got Talent would spark this he wouldn’t have showed her. All he wanted to do was show her the pig doing tricks.

”Hey there.”

Sam peered up from his comic to see a strange man with curly brown hair standing next to the swings where Mercedes was currently was. Sam looked at the man suspiciously, squinting as he looked on at the scene before him. His mom had told him about stranger danger and Sam didn’t like the look of this stranger.

”Hi.” Mercedes said not paying much attention to the man.

”I saw you over there,” he pointed absentmindly at the picnic area where a red head sat scrubbing at grapes. Sam looked at who he assumed was the man wife and he felt a little better but was still on alert.

”And I couldn’t help bur over hear your beautiful voice.”

At this point Mercedes had halted her ”practicing” to listen to the stranger. Hand on her hip she stood her ground as she eyed the him. ”Thank you.”

”Well I’m actually a show choir director and I’ve been looking for some more members. May I ask your age?”

” I’m turning 14 next month” she answered.

”It’s a little young but it’s not everyday you meet star potential. ”

Mercedes eyes went wide and she could barely contain her happiness. ”You think I could be a star?”

”Of course. Let me go get my flyer for you.” The man walked off to the picnic table.

”Cedes! ” Sam called out snapping her out of her gleeful daze. She skipped over to him.


”I don’t trust that guy” his gaze flickered from her to the man who was currently talking animatedly with the red head lady.

”Saaammyyy” she sighed annoyed.

”Don’t Sammy me. That guys a creep.” He saw a frown cross her features.

”Yeah complimenting people. So creepy.” she rolled her eyes. “Sam this might be the first step to my dream.”

Sam who was still unconvinced got off the monkey bars when he saw the man approaching them.

”Here you go” he gave her the bright neon flyer. ” My name is Will Shuester by the way. Most of my students call me Mr. Schue.” He held out his hand.

”Mercedes” She shook his hand. He smiled at her and then looked at her blond counterpart. ”Can you sing too?” he joked.

”Yeah, he does! Very well.” She smirked.

”Cedes” Sam groaned. Both Mr.Shue and Mercedes started to laugh.

”Don’t worry I won’t force you to join.” He said to the blushing teen. Sam just side-eyed the beaming girl beside him.

”Well I’ll leave you two. I hope to be seeing you next Monday Mercedes.” 

"I’ll be there. Bye Mr.Shue!" she waved at him as he returned back to the picnic table.

"You’re really going to join his show choir thing?" Sam walked back over to the monkey bars and Mercedes followed.

"Yup." she hung beside him on the monkey bars and held back a giggle as she saw him frown. Looking over to her he saw a wood chip in her hair.

"Whatever." he grumbled picking  a wood chip out of her hair, tossed it on the ground, and started back on his comic book. 

"Maybe you can come with me?" she asked expectantly."You can see if it’s legit or not."  She slid closer using his arm as leverage.

"Maybe…" Sam concentrated on Wolverine who was kicking Strikers butt at the moment.  

Mercedes looked over to her left to see that Sam had already become zoned out, lost in his own world. Smiling to herself she let the light breeze whip her face as she began to sing softly. Sam smiled at the familiar tune that had breached his world. It was a song that her mom used to play every morning.

 ”As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving
And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May
Just as hate knows love’s the cure
You can rest your mind assure
That I’ll be loving you always”

”Okay I’ll go.” Sam now had his eyes his eyes closed swaying to the rhythm of the song. 

”I know.” she wore a smirk.

”I hate you, you know.”

”You wish.”

Sam dropped down from the monkey bars gathering his comic books. ”Let’s go.”

”Are we going to Arties again” she asked remaining upside. ” I love him and all but if he calls me his brown sugar today, only God would be able to restrain me.”

 He snorted. ”….Fine. We’ll go get ice-cream.”

”Your treat?”

”Isn’t it always.” He chuckled starting to walk away. Mercedes dropped from the bars running up to him looping an arm through his.

”I knew there was a reason why you were my best friend.” Mercedes said.

"Mhmm. I feel so appreciated." He nudged her shoulder and smiled down at her. 

"I try" she giggled as rolled his eyes. They walked in silence for a few minutes just listening to the world around them as the sun slowly faded away. 

"You think they’re watching us up there?" Sam asked.

Mercedes stayed silent for a minute trying to find the right words but just came up with a soft “Yeah.”

As they neared the park entrance and bid farewell to Pete, the homeless old guy who always smelled like cigars and surprisingly febreeze, and they went on their way following wherever their hearts took them, and wherever the orphanages didn’t.  


A/N: Heeyyyy this was just in my head so…. here. Sam and Mercedes grew up together ever since they were seven but one fateful day both of their parents get trapped in a fire that kills them. And now both are now orphans.

Hopefully there weren’t may mistakes. Thanks for reading :)

-Kenya <3

Beauty And The Beast Chapter 4: A Little Piece Of You, a glee fanfic | FanFiction 


Guys here’s the new chapter of Beauty and the Beast…
Really hope you’ll like it :)

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"Who made the potato salad?" —

any family member with common sense who doesn’t trust just anyone’s culinary abilities. heard frequently at family gatherings, particularly cookouts. (via blackproverbs)

See also ” Who made the macaroni and cheese?”

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This is NOT a damn lie!! OMG I’m so picky with potato salad and macaroni.

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Nothing but facts. (Add baker beans to the list as well). This are all important issues that have to be perfect.

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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Are Married

The Associated Press reports that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married on Aug. 23 in Chateau Miraval, France, according to a spokesman for the couple.

For details more on the ceremony go here. 

Silent Noise Part 11 



Groaning, she slightly adjusted her body against the firm warmth of Sam’s chest, which was comfortably pressed against her cheek. The wet sticky feeling coating her mouth made her cringe as she realised that she must have drooled in her sleep, even worse, she drooled on Sam’s chest in her sleep.

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Don’t touch me.


You’re playing Noel Coward. How did you get the part and when are you shooting?

I didn’t know Chris Colfer was going to do this role.  I’m very happy for him. I have such a good feeling about this for him.





How did she know about Season 5 and 6?

Bringing this back because it is so damn relevant right now.

Well, Santana has said several times that she’s psychic. I believe her now.

She was right back then though. And I still want to punch Blaine when I see him rolling his eyes.





How did she know about Season 5 and 6?

Bringing this back because it is so damn relevant right now.

Well, Santana has said several times that she’s psychic. I believe her now.

She was right back then though. And I still want to punch Blaine when I see him rolling his eyes.



interracial relationships are cute if they aren’t built upon racial fetishes and self-hatred.



Nicole reacting to Tom’s Fuck, Marry, Kill answers

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Angie and her bbgirl <3